Fiasp Flex Touch

Fiasp Flex Touch

Product information

Fiasp Flextouch is an insulin pen containing insulin aspart with added L-arginine and niacinamide. These added ingredients accelerate insulin absorption. As Fiasp starts to work faster than other insulins, it is suitable as a mealtime insulin.

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This insulin pen contains a mealtime insulin utilized to curb post-prandial blood sugar spikes experienced by diabetic patients dependent on insulin therapy. This insulin is used together with a long-acting insulin as part of a complete insulin treatment regimen. Fiasp should be administered right before a meal or within 20 minutes of starting a meal. This insulin is a fast-acting formulation that begins working much faster than normal insulin. Injecting insulin with a pen provides more accurate dosing and reduces injection pain, and the Flextouch out-performs similar drug delivery systems like the KwikPen and the Solostar.