Humulin R Vial

Humulin R Vial

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[PharmacyWire drug="Humulin R Vial" filter="brand"] [refrigerated_shipping_details] [drug_custom_details drug_name="humulin-r-vial-pack-with-1-x-10-ml-vial"] Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels in the blood. Compromised or overstated sugar is counterproductive for health. With Humulin R vial injections, there's a fast restoration of normal blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus type 1 & 2 patients. The injectable Humulin R vials have expedited medical response times from injection to actively working in the bloodstream. Properties & Dosages of Humulin R Vial  Generic Name: Humulin R (Human Recombitant), Insulin Regular Human Manufacturer: Eli Lilly & Company Canada Inc. Brand Names: Humulin R Dosage Form: Injectable Vials in variated quantities (1-10)  Packaging: 100u/mL (100 units per milimeter) 1 vial -10 vials packaging. Overdose Reactions & Indications: The common overdose reactions may include swelling, itching, redness, injection spot reactivity, weight gain, electrolyte disturbances (low potassium & magnesium) and temporary blurry vision. The diabetes mellitus regulating Humulin R Buy Online from Canada is available across pharmaceutical outlets like Major Meds. The original & credible drugs from authentic manufacturers.

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