Levemir FlexTouch

Levemir FlexTouch

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The Levemir FlexTouch Pen is a convenient option to administer your insulin. It comes pre-filled with Insulin Detemir and an adjustable dose setting dial for accurate dosing from 1 to 80 units with a large and clear dose display. It also has a low force push button and a lower injection force than other insulin pens. Once opened Levemir can last up to 42 days without refrigeration once in use. The Levemir FlexTouch Pen is available in the 100 unit/mL 5×3 mL pen.

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Levemir, or Insulin Detemir works just like naturally occurring insulin does, only longer. It is a long-acting human insulin analog used for maintaining your basal level of insulin. It is taken as a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection under the skin and lasts up to 24 hours with a flat and predictable mode of action. Like naturally occurring insulin, which is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the pancreas, Levemir works by regulating the breakdown of food such as sugars, fats and proteins. It stimulates the absorption of sugar from the blood into fat, liver and skeletal muscle cells. It also blocks the liver’s ability to produce and release sugar into the blood. Once the sugar is out of your blood, your blood sugar levels decrease and when the sugar is inside your cells, it gives you more energy. Clinical trials with people who have type 2 diabetes have shown that those who took Levemir gained less weight than those taking other insulin analogs.

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